About Alta

Debbie Oberg and Pam Stromecki began their partnership in 1998 as part of the creative team at a Western New York ad agency, and soon realized they “clicked” creatively. Before long the two launched Tall Girls Design and began designing strong, results-oriented marketing materials for their clients (which they still do today!) – and loving every minute of it.

But the urge persisted to express their creativity in their own way…and that’s when Alta was born. The idea was to design a line of products that were fun, funky, contemporary… and affordable. Items people would want to buy or to give as gifts. Knowing they were their own target audience, Debbie and Pam started creating designs that appealed to both of them. The results of their creative efforts are the products you see on this website.

Watch this site for new designs, seasonal collections, additional products… and plenty of creativity!

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